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Display Types

Projectors: Custom Digital offers the best technology for your home theater. We select only high performance DLP and LCD projectors that will transform your home theater into an incredible experience. Understanding projectors can be somewhat confusing. How big of a screen will you be using, how much ambient light is in the room under normal conditions, what picture (display) resolution would best fill your needs. These are all very important points that must be taken into consideration.

Plasmas and LCD display screens add real competition to the home theater of today. Their size rivals projectors.
We Can Sort Out The Confusion

There is a lot of confusion and misleading information available on plasma displays, LCD displays and DLP TV's ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Everyone and anybody you talk to claims to have the answer and they always have a bias depending on what the store wants to move. The truth is that each has advantages.

At Custom Digital we fully understand those advantages and will use that knowledge to help you make the most informed decision.

LCD Display Advantages:

Good for still or slower images such as computer displays. Excellent choice for a "boardroom" display. Fairly reasonable pricing below 35 inches.

Quality units have very good brightness levels.

Low Profile: A LCD display screen can hang on a wall and takes as little space as a picture.

Low operating cost per hour.

Long Life. Expect 30 to 50,000 hours bulb life. Please note that the picture can fade over time on a LCD TV. We would expect prime performance to last closer to 20 to 30,000 hours maximum ( 13 years at 6 hours per day).

Expect substantially less on a no name brand.


DLP Projects Into The Future

DLP technology is a revolutionary display solution for video projectors that uses an optical semiconductor to ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **manipulate light digitally. It's also a proven and dependable technology preferred by leading electronics manufacturers worldwide, with more than 1 million systems shipped since 1996. Even commercial movie theaters are beginning to use DLP projectors.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **DLP® technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. It is a highly reliable, all-digital display chip that delivers the best picture across a broad range of products, including large screen digital TVs, and projectors for business, home, professional venue and digital cinema (DLP Cinema®). It's also a** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** dependable technology used by leading display electronics companies worldwide, with more than 10 million systems shipped to more than 75 manufacturers since 1996.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **DLP® technology is in use wherever visual excellence is in demand. It is also a highly versatile display technology. It is the only display technology on the market that can enable the world's smallest units under 2-lbs., and light up the largest movie screens up to 75 feet.

The result is maximum fidelity: a picture whose clarity, brilliance and color must be seen to be believed.

Plasma Display Advantages Over Regular TV's

While at a retail store, you'll see dozens of other displays and TV's, and it can be overwhelming. Here's list of advantages of a Plasma Display over a CRT-type TV:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 4" thick, and can be hung on a wall.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Much larger picture
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Higher color accuracy
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Brighter images ( 3 to 4 times brighter)
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Better resolution
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** High-definition capability
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 16:9 aspect ratio vs. standard 4:3
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Wider viewing angles
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Takes up less space (zero, if wall-mounted)
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Not effected by magnetic fields
Plasma TV Screen Advantages:
Long life: the average name brand plasma display will last 30 to 50,000 hours to half like ( brightness is 50% of original, it will still be 2 to 3 times brighter than a regular TV) This is around 20 years at 6 hours per day. Expect substantially less on a no name brand.
Field of vision: A plasma screen display has a field of vision of almost 180 degrees without loss of picture quality. From any angle you will have a great picture.
Brightness: Plasma screens are very bright. 4 to 5 times brighter then an average TV.
Great contrast: The last two generations of name brand Plasma screens have great contrast ratios. Look for a rating of 1000 to 1 or more.
Please note: certain manufacturers claim levels of 3 or 4000 to 1, That is a false rating and is achieved by using non standard measurement methods.
Instantaneous picture response: There is virtually no delay in any name brand plasma and therefore no artifacting.
Natural looking picture: Name brand plasma display colors tend to be natural looking and more accurate. No names tend to be weak or soft on colors.
Brand Names Do Make A Difference

No name plasma displays: There are many legitimate companies who rebadge plasma screens ( Sony, LG, Toshiba, JVC etc) and provide top notch service and support, however there are more

and more "no name" products hitting the market ( most from China) Many are based on obsolete technology, use the cheapest electrical components and provide little, if any, support or warranty. If you can afford a plasma, you can afford a good plasma.
Keep in mind, if you're over 30 and you haven't heard of the manufacturer...There's a reason.

Keep Clear Of Sales Traps

High pressure sales: Do not rush into any purchase and do not allow the salesperson to give you the " there is only one left " line. If there is only one left, that means a new model is coming out. You have lived for years without a plasma, a week or two more won't hurt you.


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